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Swing Arm Side Table

This swingarm is for the kawasaki klx 650. It features set decals for a perfect look for your carving shop or home office. The table also has front side panels that make it easy to get to your carving supplies.

Side Table With Swing Out Tray

The side table is great for your kitchen or bedroom as it has a swings out tray that can be used for food, dishes, or even beverages. It is also lightweight and can be easily carried around.

Pull Out Side Table

This is a great bed side table for those who love to relax in the living room. The white shade lamp is a beautiful addition and will make the room look even more elegant. The led light up table is an excellent addition for any room as it can give a touch of luxury. this is a great living room accessory for those who enjoy spending time in the bedroom. The side table is made from plastic and wood, and has a white shade on it. The lamp is a high-quality led model, and it looks great and features good performance. The outlet for the lamp is also included, so you can power it up easily. the kawasaki klx 650 is a great bike for those who want a sturdy and sturdy table to use as their personal work surface. The table is made with two panels that can be replaced if needed and also set with decals to make it a personal work surface as well. the swing arm side table is a great addition to your living room. It has a brown look to it and is also great for using as a darkening orlit room option. The table has two leaves on it which can be used as shadelets or as a light source. The table has a usb outlet and led light up there. This is a great option for those with a dark living room and this table is a great way to add a touch of light to your room.