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Step Side Table

This two-tier step end side table is made of laminatemcm wood. It has a two-tier look with a step at the end to allow for easy cleaning. This table is a great addition to any room and is sure to complement any decor.

Two Tier Side Table

The two tier side table is a great option for those who want to create a more modern or shockingly soaring degrade into a modern home office. This table is made from black metal and features two drawers. The table is also reversible, with either a four-foam top or a two-foam top. The top of the table has a plaque that indicates the date the table was made. this table is a great addition to any home office and is a great value for the price.

2 Tier Side Table

This beautiful 2 tier side table is perfect for your home's mid century solid walnut look. The table is made of durable materials like wood and metal it will last for years. The table has two large legs that will make it easy to move around. The table is also comfortable to sit on because of the design. this vintage cushman colonial creations 5208 two step tier wood side table is a great option for a accent table or kitchenette. It has a modern look with its sleek wood finish and attached side table. The table is also adjustable to any space's temperature, making it a great for keeping your home's temperature current. Additionally, the wood side table has a high-quality tagotwee wood finish which will last long in your kitchen. this solid walnut mid century step end table is a great way to level your home or add a new level of sophistication. The high-quality solid walnut makes this table a serious workhorse. Find yourself plenty of time to work and never worry about the expensive table again. this two level side table is a great addition to your archival space. The beautiful maple mid century step end table is perfect for displaying your family history or storing important items both day and night.