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Sauder Salt Oak Side Table

This is a peerless side table for a small living room or bedroom area, the sleek, black Salt Oak finish is ideal for a home or office. It gives two top box styles, a night standers setting and a farm house style table top, the table is finished with a newly designed top box and a modern farm house style.

Sauder Salt Oak Side Table Amazon

This high-quality, checkerboard-shaped side table is a best-in-class accessory for any room in your home, it is fabricated fromimsy-black ceramic art series Salt Oak finish and features a county line design. The table is moreover connected to a night stand with a modern farm house style Salt Oak finish, this Sauder county line side table is an excellent addition to your home, and is practical for a small space. The table offers a stylish black Salt Oak finish, and is fabricated from heavy-grip wood material, it offers a comfortable design, and is top-rated for a small living room or bedroom. The table is additionally fantastic for taking to events or for use as a study table, this new era of farmhouses offers had a surge in popularity in years, and that is why some of your favorite store-bought table pieces are becoming more specialized to this type of setup. The Salt Oak side table is one of these specialized items, and it is part of a new style growth with the addition of night stands that series like this Sauder line, this modern farmhouse-inspired table is an unequaled alternative to add a touch of modern look to your room without going too crazy with the colors yourself. The Salt Oak is a meters-height and measure about 25 inches wide, including the top, it renders a hardwood base with by its new, sacrificing qualities. The table gives a rise of about 9 inches, so it can easily be set up in a single step, it is conjointly adjustable to a very shallow level, so you can adjust it to your needs just like this one. County line side table comes with a night stand, so you can add this to your room's look without having to go too crazy, the night stand is a really nice touch because it often goes without saying that people stop by to see what you are doing. The night stand imparts a nice feel to it due to the wood material that is used in its construction, and it also renders a nice, fat handle, so conceding that wanting for a side table to add a touch of modern look to your room, the Sauder line is a good substitute for you. This table is a meters-height and measure about 25 inches wide, it grants a hardwood base with a sacrificed quality, so it is fantastic for either a single step or a level setting, so you can this new era of farmhouse style Salt Oak side table is a top-of-the-heap addition to your home - terrific for what coast guard stands for. From the outside it seems like any other wood frame side table, but take a look at the real deal inside, this table is fabricated with a sleek Salt Oak finish that will make your space stand out. Plus, the night stand is revolution-able so you can add or subtract items to make it work for you.