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Middle Eastern Side Table

This table is manufactured out of beautiful brass and wood with enameled metal appliques and geometric design in the wood, the metal appliques and metal design give the table a full islamic look. The brass and wood are also finished with a clean beige finish.

Middle Eastern Side Table Amazon

This hand carved wooden camel form with brass plate side table is top-quality for your Middle Eastern home, the table is fabricated from durable wooden materials and imparts a comfortable design. This table is excellent for holding your books, writing, and enjoying a comfortable seat, the table is in like manner top-of-the-line for holding a towel, ubiquitously top-notch for taking to business meetings or any other function. This is a fantastic anti-islamic table with a brass tray top, the table is weathered and it provides an and emblem's on it. The top of the table is covered in a very heavy quilt, the table is in excellent condition and it is top for a home office or home meal. This well Middle Eastern side table is a beautiful and unique piece of furniture, it is manufactured from durable plastic and extends a stylish design. This table is a good alternative for any space as it is well-crafted and at a reasonable price, this is an outstanding antique Middle Eastern side table with a three camel head movable foldable deal. The table is manufactured of wood and offers a nice style foldable table, this is a sterling addition to all room and is a best-in-class value for the money.