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Brown Marble Side Table

This Brown Marble side table is a two story side table with an anticlockwise compass needle due to its incised walnut Marble finish, the table is optioned with a walnut Marble top and bottom, and presents a studded base. The side table is optioned with a walnut Marble top and bottom, and grants a base, and renders a studious top.

Brown Marble Side Table Amazon

This 2-tier Brown Marble side table is a top substitute to add a touch of elegance to your home office space, the table is protected by a chaise longue chair and comes with a storage shelf and a contemporary coffee end table for end users to enjoy. This 3-tier faux Marble side table end table with shelves is outstanding for that special someone who loves to cook, with a Brown finish and round nesting coffee table is prime for that one spot in your home that you need a bit more storage for your items. The Brown Marble is durable and sturdy, making it a top-of-the-heap way for a home with a single occupant, the this Brown Marble side table is an outstanding solution for the single home. It is large and sturdy, the Brown Marble is a durable option, making it, making it unequaled for a shopper digging for a single spot of storage. This is a very good condition Brown Marble side table, the table renders about 100% satisfaction guarantee and is a terrific addition to your home. The table is currently in its original packaging and imparts never been used or cleaned since it was made, the macrobiotic style side table grants two recessed pulls that can be used for gentle upon use. The table is manufactured with high quality materials and there is no nicks or damage, when being used as a table it is ideal for a comfortable sitting position. This Brown Marble side table measures about 10-1/4 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 5 inches wide, the table is carved mahogany with beveled edges and a Brown enamel finish. The table features a sideboard with four top brackets, six top brackets, and four screws, the table is signed by the artist and copyright date is located on the left side of the table.